Cancer is no laughing matter but smiling can help. Yes, there will be days when all you want to do is cry and scream. Go ahead do it right now, nobody is listening and it will make you feel better but let me tell you about smiling and why you should do it.

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I remember days when all I could say was “cancer sucks”. I remember days when all I did was cry and I remember the days when all I could do was to wonder what it was like to be normal again. The one thing that got me through it was a little bit of humor. I made fun of myself on Facebook and people laughed right along with me while giving me support and inspiration.

Smiling are contagious.

Smiling reduces stress

Smiling releases endorphins

Smiling strengthens your immune system

Cancer is not fun. Cancer is not a happy time. Cancer effects everyone but smiling can help.  Here is a link about cancer and humor. Now smile and see what happens.


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