NEWLY DIAGNOSED with Breast Cancer HELP!!!!

First of all don’t panic- you are amazing, resilient and soon you will be ready to fight. It is okay to cry, feel numb and be scared. This is all normal but here is some advice that just might help you.

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Most likely you have had cancer in your body for some time. Try to think straight, make smart decisions and get educated about your disease. I know that is hard because I have been diagnosed twice and know what it is like to hear the words “you have cancer”. When you hear those words you don’t even remember your name but I can guarantee you that knowledge is power and it will help you.

There are 6 things you can start doing right away that will put you on a right path:

Understand your diagnosis– What kind of breast cancer do you have? What stage are you?

Get a second opinion– Humans and machines make mistakes, ask your doctor for a recommendation on where to go for a second opinion. Second opinions can be helpful in getting information on alternative treatment options as well as confirmation as to the original diagnosis

Understand your treatment options – What is the plan of action? Radiation? Lumpectomy? Chemo? etc..

Find a doctor you are comfortable with and ask lots of questions- Ask others who they recommend, find a doctor you can trust and can talk with.

Get quality care– Ask around about treatment facilities, not all facilities are created equally

Get Assistance and support from your family or friends- don’t be afraid to ask for help, you will need it.

Here is a website that will help you get started with this process, take a look.

Contact Footprints In Pink for further help. We will get you over the numbness and on the right path.

Contact Footprints In Pink for help with resources.

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