“My New Normal”


Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

Well, I am here to say that going through breast cancer is not normal. Experiencing chemotherapy or going through a double mastectomy is not normal. So should we expect to come out the other side normal?

I remember telling my mother (my caretaker, while I was going through breast cancer) that I just wanted to be normal. Normal at that time was to have energy, eat without feeling nauseous, go through a day without taking pain pills or just being able to walk down the block.


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A year after chemotherapy, I am thinking about my “new normal”. I can eat, I can walk and I am not on any medication but my body aches and I am sometimes tired. How do I accept my new normal? My philosophy is that I learn why my body aches and why I am tired and I fix it. I learn to appreciate the good days and accept the bad. I learn that “normal” is a standard and I am not normal because I am a cancer survivor. I cannot mourn the “old me”, she was taken with the chemo, the “new me” must move forward.

Yes, sometimes moving forward is not so easy , learn how to help yourself right here and right now. HELP MYSELF

Here are some easy things to do that might help the depression, the anxiety and the path to find your “new you”- eat healthy, exercise, laugh, give back and find a way to relax.



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