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Yes, Breast cancer is a journey. A big journey, one filled with lots of tears, fears, ups, downs, hopes and fears.

My journey started on October 1, 2015 and ended on May 4, 2016 with my last surgery. There was days I could not see the “forest for the trees”. I could not find the energy to be thankful for anything and that was okay. The gratitude came later when I could walk farther down the block, when I could lift the box of cat litter, when I didn’t feel like crying anymore and when I felt “normal”.

I came across this project and thought it was the perfect idea for someone going through breast cancer. I feel it is always good to be thankful, gracious and humble. This is the “wonderful gift” that cancer gives to us. Cancer changes you and unless you have been through it, you just don’t understand.

Follow this link for directions. Look it even comes with printable labels for the jars.

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