About Footprints In Pink


So glad you’re here

“Footprints in Pink” was founded by Jennifer Kennedy, a two time survivor of breast cancer. Twice in her life, 1997 and 2015, she heard the words “you have cancer”. Twice she was numb, frightened and scared for her own life and the future of her daughter. She understands that you and others have experienced the same fear, or seen it in the eyes of a loved one.

Jennifer’s life was turned upside down and she felt out of control, alone and without guidance for the journey from “cancer patient” to “survivor”. How would she tell her family? What could she expect after surgery? Where could she find financial aid and other assistance? How could she learn everything she needed to know and make the walk to survivorship as easy as possible? Jennifer spent countless hours researching these questions and empowering herself to take control of her walk along the path to health.

She applied to numerous organizations for financial assistance, found products to ease the side effects, and organized her medication schedule, family meals, and doctors’ appointments. She also organized her insurance papers and doctors’ bills so she no longer had an impossible mound of paperwork to rummage through. Now she could spend her time healing and not being stressed. Once she was in control, her fears and insecurities diminished. She was thriving, feeling positive and empowered with every step.

She knew what she learned in her journey could help others who were just beginning their walk. This is why “Footprints in Pink” was created. “We will walk with you through breast cancer”